I’m Emily, I work on decarbonisation policy and finance from a critical complex systems lens, in Cape Town, South Africa. Together with the colleagues that constitute my community of practice, I’m grappling with the question of what a low carbon and just society and economy is, and how Cape Town, South Africa, the developing world and the world at large can manifest this.

These pages constitute a virtual representation of my current thinking, approach, and professional and academic profile.  I hope that you enjoy dipping into them, and would welcome any thoughts or connections they inspire.


What does matter, as Kierkegaard so rudely reminded us, is that only by investing and speaking your vision with passion, can the truth, one way or another, fully penetrate the reluctance of the world. If you are right, or if you are wrong, it is only your passion that will force either to be discovered. It is your duty to promote that discovery – either way – and therefore it is your duty to speak your truth with whatever passion and courage you can find in your heart.                                                    

                                                                                                                                                                          Wilbur, 2000