An economist by training, I have focused on climate mitigation and energy in a development context for the nineteen years of my career, and bring both an economics and complex systems perspective to the policy and practical challenges I encounter in this space.

Whilst South Africa is both my home and work-focus, I have worked and travelled extensively internationally, with an appreciation of the international context of domestic climate and energy policymaking. I have also worked across a wide range of related issues including carbon footprinting, corporate strategies, climate finance, UNFCCC mechanisms applied to developing countries, South African carbon pricing policies, low carbon transition planning, energy policy, carbon budgeting, and power sector employment. I have worked predominantly as a consultant, to local and international civil society, the private sector, government and academia, both independently and in consulting firms and not-for-profit institutions. My outputs are typically reports, journal articles, presentations, programme design and event delivery.

I am currently working with the team at Meridian Economics, a Cape Town based think tank in the energy and climate space, and hold an Honorary Research Associate position at the University of Cape Town’s African Climate and Development Institute. I am frequently engaged in transdisciplinary research initiatives relating to my field and publish regularly in international journals.